– Be a member of an MLS using flexmls Web;
– Be authorized by your MLS for IDX;
– Be a subscriber of flexmls IDX Smart Frame; and
– Purchase a plugin key from FBS IDX Sales ( or (866) 320-9977).

PHP version 7.4 or better
Ask your web host what version is being used for your site.
Use at least version 7.4, every version below that is no longer supported –

Also see the WordPress Requirements:


We do not recommend shared hosting and GoDaddy – “Why You Should NOT Use GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting”

Hosts we recommend:


AMS Computer Services


Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

  • Optimize The Database (BE CAREFUL – Make sure you back up your site first)
  • Use a dedicated hosting package (not shared hosting)
  • Add HTTPS/SSL Certificate
  • Linux Hosting (Linux beats Windows by being 20% faster)

WordPress Theme Recommendations

If you are in the early stages of building your WordPress site and you are shopping around for a theme, we recommend checking out the free themes available before committing to purchasing one.

We also recommend that you select a theme that provides a Full-Width Template. This way you can give our plugin and other content plenty of space to display.

You can also search for themes in WordPress under Appearance > Themes > Add New