New IDX Links Not Displaying In The Plugin

You can clear the cache in the plugin to refresh the IDX link list. To clear the cache go to FlexMLS® IDX > Settings, click the Clear Cache button at the bottom. Now you will be able to select the new links in the saved search/link list in the plugin.


Activation Problems – flexmls IDX Settings Page Displays “Error with entered info”

1.) Make sure when you entered your key and/or secret you didn’t copy any extra spacing.

2.) Check with your web host to verify that cURL is enabled. cURL is used by the plugin to import the listing data.

3.) You webhost could be blocking the plugin from reaching the API servers. Contact your web host and have them whitelist our plugin. Specifically,


No Listings/Search Results/Listing Details Displaying on the Site

Here are some things you can try…

1.) A common cause of this problem is deleting a page titled “Search” which is auto-generated after installation of our plugin. Restore this page under the Pages section in WordPress…

2.) In WordPress go to FlexMLS IDX>Settings and click on the Behavior tab (upper-left of the page).
Under “Open IDX Links” there will be a drop list of pages on your site. Make note of the page that is currently selected.
Then click on “How This Works“, copy the shortcode…

[idx_frame width='100%' height='600']

Now go edit the page that is selected in the drop list above and make sure that short code is in it.

Make sure the shortcode is in the page selected under “Framed on this page

3.) Go to the Behavior tab (under Flexmls IDX>Settings) and select the setting Allow multiple lists per page.

Some themes or plugins override our code, this setting will help push ours forward so the search result pages work.

4.) Under Settings>Permalinks in wordpress, set it to Post Name.
This will put the page names in the URL, instead of having ?page_id=23. Having the page names in the URL is also helpful for search engine crawlers.

See Our SEO Tips

5.) You may be using an SEO plugin that has permalink cleaning turned on. This should be turned off as it will remove sections of the listing links.


Neighborhood Pages Are Blank

If you don’t have any widgets saved to your neighborhood template(draft page), then no widgets will show in all of your neighborhood pages.
The neighborhood pages you create will look to the template to know which widgets to display for the location you have selected.

Here is an example of using the neighborhood widget for the city of Fargo…

Please note there are six market statistic widgets on the top portion of the page and the Listing Summary widget on the bottom.

Now if you look at the city of Moorhead page, which also uses the neighborhood widget…

You’ll see the same set of widgets from the Fargo page display, but for Moorhead instead.

Both the Fargo and Moorhead pages use a neighborhood template. The purpose of the neighborhood template is to contain the widgets to display on each neighborhood page you create.
The neighborhood page must only be saved as a draft page. So our neighborhood template contains six market statistic widgets on top and the listing summary widget on the bottom.
When we create a new neighborhood page (under Pages>Add Neighborhood In WordPress OR Neighborhood Page in the shortcode generator) we select the neighborhood template(draft page), then select a location…

For more information please visit our neighborhood documentation page.


Thumbnails and Buttons Stacking In Listing Detail Page

This is something your WordPress theme or another plugin is adding to the image tags in HTML.
Some themes are developed with the ability to catch and modify page content before being delivered to a user’s browser.
Some of these themes try to go above-and-beyond by trying to make sure that the page content looks pretty. It does this by automatically adding line-breaks in HTML markup when it runs into certain characters. The solution is for to look for a setting in the theme to turn this off. If there is not a setting, you will need to contact the theme’s author and ask how to turn this off.


IDX Listing Summary Widget Is Blank

Check with your web host or webmaster and verify that they have php-bcmath library installed and enabled. The IDX Listing Summary widget uses php-bcmath to convert the saved search short_id into the long_id.


403 – Forbidden Error

This error message usually happens on sites using Hostgator.
You will need to contact Hostgator and have them change the ModSecurity rule.

or if you have access to this setting in your Hostgator account


Location Search / Fields In Page Editor Not Working

The flexmls IDX WordPress plugin uses the jQuery (JavaScript) library Select2 for the Location Search field that is used in both the IDX Search widget, shortcode generator (classic editor) and Gutenberg widget blocks. Other plugins or themes may also be loading the Select2 script for their settings and options. In version 3.8 we’ve added a setting to turn off the loading of the Select2 script from our plugin to prevent conflicts


Not finding a solution on our site?

If you are not finding a solution to your problem here, try disabling other plugins on your site one-by-one.

You could also temporarily switch to another theme to see if that fixes the problem.

If that doesn’t work, contact the flexmls IDX support at 888-525-4747 or e-mail

Please provide us your API key (Found under FlexMLS® IDX>Settings in WordPress) and web site address.